Enterprise Server 17

Our flagship server product is uniquely developed in house to meet the specific needs of our customer base. Based on an industry-standard Linux distribution, and extensively customised based on our many years of experience in the sector, ES17 offers:

  • Built Tough: a secure and mission-critical stable platform, with enterprise-grade capabilities on an SME budget
  • Extensive self-management and self-maintenance abilities including automatic daily updates to protect against security vulnerabilities
  • Our unique web-based control panel system, offering self-service tools for end users as well as the capability for your designated staff to perform routine system administration if so desired, without the need for prior technical training
  • Freedom from the expense and overhead of managing Microsoft server licensing. We believe you should pay for and license the system only once, and freedom from per-user or per-device software licensing models gives you the ability to expand your business without incurring additional costs.
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